** Book Review ** WANTING IT ALL by Christi Barth

Wanting It All


Sexy, fun and hard to put down!  I enjoyed this follow up in the Naked Men series even more than the first one!  Can’t wait to see Logan come into the picture in Book 3!

Madison Abbott strikes out on her own to leave her home in Alaska and relocate to Washington, D.C. for several reasons … she’s wanting to meet the long lost brother she didn’t know she had, she has been given her dream library job, and she wants a better selection to work with in finding her future husband.  When she runs across Knox right off the bat, she’s not sure what to think!

Knox Davies is an all around ladies man.  He’s smart, successful and likes to enjoy it!  He likes fancy things, and isn’t about to limit himself to just one woman when there is such an array out there for the taking!

Instant attraction leads to a first date … genuine fondness for each other leads to more.  Madison winds up setting her mind on making Knox fall in love with her at the same time that he’s telling her he’s only in it for the short haul.  When he finds out that the brother she came looking for is his best friend Logan, he’s in an even bigger conundrum!

ARC received via NetGalley

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