** Book Review ** WANTING MR RIGHT by Joanne Dannon



A fun, sexy read that will have you picking sides in no time flat!

Logan Wentworth is a cold, business-minded lawyer who is only interested in working as many hours as possible and making partner soon.  He isn’t interested in friends, family and most of all love, which he doesn’t even believe in.  When he suddenly needs a fake fiance to impress his boss enough to give him a promotion, he can only think of one person for the job.

Daisy Roberts has a past of being a rude, self-serving party girl, but she and Logan have been occasionally hooking up for years, so he knows they have the chemistry needed in order to pull off this fake fiance ploy.  Daisy isn’t interested in seeing Logan anymore because she’s gone through several changes in her life and wants the happily ever after more than ever.  They both know she won’t get that from him, but he convinces her he can help her with a new business venture if she does this one little favor first.

What he doesn’t expect is how much being with her all day long every day makes him really enjoy her company.  Will they still part ways when this is all done, or has playacting a happy couple rubbed off on Logan more than anyone knows?

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