** Book Review ** WHEN I FOUND YOU by Kate James

When I Found You


In Book 3 in The K-9 Trilogy, Kate James brings Logan O’Connor’s story to life!  We met him as the K-9 Unit Captain in both Cal and Rick’s stories previously, but now we get to see a softer side of him.  We delve into his family history, his connection with Boomer, and get to watch the mighty Jagger fall hard for a special lady.  I really enjoyed Logan & Ariana!

Ariana Atkins has only been Chief of Security at the San Diego International Airport for a short time now, and all of a sudden there is a rash of security breaches happening.  Is someone out to get her?  Or could she be involved somehow?

Logan O’Connor is filling in as the liaison for his K-9 unit and explosive threats at the airport.  He and his canine partner, Boomer, are leading the search into finding out how these security breaches are happening and who could possibly be the culprit.  He’s falling hard and fast for Ariana, so he’s not willing to believe she has anything to do with it … even if evidence keeps pointing the finger her way.

ARC received from the author.


  1. Lynn, this is the very first review for WHEN I FOUND YOU, and my heart stopped when I saw your tweet. I am so very glad that you enjoyed the book. Thank you for the five-star review.

    And if you like rookie K-9 officer Shannon Clemens and her rookie dog Darwin, I now have a contract to write their story, too!

    Happy reading!


    • Loved this entire series, so I’m thrilled to hear there will be another … and I need you to introduce a few more officers in that book so we can keep it going please! *grin*

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