** Book Review ** WRAPPED IN YOU by Jules Bennett



This story is riddled with emotions and touches your heart many times along the way as you read it.  You feel sadness for the kids they were, sadness for their losses along the way, admiration for the lives they live, and hope for a happy future for each one.  I really fell in love with the Monroe’s and look forward to the next book!

Zach Monroe hasn’t forgiven himself for being a dumb kid and causing an accident 10+ years ago that injured one of his brothers and his friend/possibly more Sophie Allen.  When Sophie calls and asks him to come by her real estate office, he has to face her as well as the brother who he no longer can be in the same room with without a shouting match breaking out.

Sophie was best friends with their sister who died a few months ago, and is basically family after spending so much time over at their house over the years.  She’s called them all in now because she has an offer on the Civil War-era house that was part of their sister’s estate.

The brother’s will actually have to talk for a change and decide if they want to sell the property and if not, what they want to do with it.  Along the way, Sophie will make an effort to get Zach to stop ignoring her and get over the accident and forgive himself.

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  1. This sounds like such a sweet read. Glad you enjoyed it.

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