** Book Review ** WRECKED by Sherilee Gray



The characters in this book draw you in from the second you meet each one.  She’s feisty and stubborn but has that bit of insecurity hidden underneath that rears it’s ugly head on occasion.  He’s a wounded man and a shell of the person the others describe knowing in the past, who believes he doesn’t deserve anything good in life anymore.

Piper West is happy to finally be living on her own now that both of her siblings have found love and are no longer hovering over their baby sis.  She’s out to prove to everyone that she’s got this and can do big things all on her own!

Cole Black owes his best friend Deke a lot, so when he wants him to move in next door and keep an eye out for Piper, he agrees begrudgingly.  How on earth is he going to be able to resist temptation being that close to her?

It doesn’t take long for the burning chemistry and attraction between them to explode! Will Piper ever be able to get Cole to want her as much as she’s wanted him over the years?  And when she figures out what’s holding him back, can she overcome it?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review **

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