** Book Review ** WRONG BED REUNION by Candy Sloane

Wrong Bed Reunion


The plot could have been feasible enough, but I just wasn’t feeling it the way it was written.  The characters were flat, there was some filler in there that really didn’t do anything for the story, and I just wanted more!

Georgia Cahill is at her 10 year high school reunion with one goal in mind … seduce the quarterback boyfriend she left behind 10 years ago!  With some liquid courage behind her, she heads off to slip into his bed, but a key mix up has her pressing herself against the class nerd instead!  Before she realizes she’s in the wrong bed, she’s being seduced by a sexy, dirty talking man!

Gideon Neill is only at the reunion to show up his classmates who did nothing but ridicule him back in the day with how successful he is now!  When Georgia climbs naked into his bed, he doesn’t realize until way too much groping has gone on that she thinks she’s in bed with someone else!

They definitely feel the pull from their hot encounter for the remainder of the reunion, and eventually agree to help each other out.  He is supposed to help her make the quarterback jealous, and she’s got to pretend to be his girlfriend for the deal of a lifetime meeting he has coming up!

ARC received via NetGalley

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