REVIEW: The Escort – Laura Marie Altom

The Escort

4 STARS!!!


Nathan Black was best friends with Ella and wanted her for his own.  Carol Moore worked for and previously dated billionaire Liam Stone and wanted him back.  Unfortunately for them, Liam and Ella meet and fall in love.  Now as they are miserably watching Ella and Liam exchange wedding vows, Nathan and Carol sneak off to drown their sorrows in each other.  It’s only meant to be a distraction from their heartbreak, but neither of them can forget the other and eventually hook up again and begin to date.

Nathan feels like he’s not good enough for Carol because he is broke and working a dead end job, so when a job offer that’s too good to be true comes along, he decides to take it.  Being an escort for Uma Rosemont at Guilty Pleasures seems like easy money, and it gives Nathan the perks that he feels he needs to be worthy of dating Carol.  Down the road when he decides to quit, things get ugly with Uma.  She makes veiled threats of what will happen if he doesn’t earn her the money back that she spent buying him a wardrobe, a car, an apartment, training him, etc.  He doesn’t want to scare Carol and thinks he can handle Uma himself, so he doesn’t tell her the truth and continues going on jobs for Uma.

When it all explodes and a crime is committed, will Nathan be taken down in a set up?  Will Carol ever be able to forgive him for lying to her about quitting?  Will the love they are feeling for each other be enough to get them through the fall out of everything falling apart?  Read the book to find out!

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REVIEW: Rescued by the Ranger – Dixie Lee Brown

Rescued by the Ranger

5 STARS!!!

My first read of a Dixie Lee Brown novel, and I was NOT disappointed!

It all starts with Army Ranger Garrett Harding finding a letter in his fathers desk drawer.  Sent a year ago, addressed to he and his brother Luke, it’s from his Aunt Peg, his mother’s sister, inviting them to the reading of their mother’s will following her death.  Angry that their father withheld the letter from him, Garrett sets off on a road trip to see his Aunt Peg.  For 29 years he’s been told that his mother was a druggie who abandoned her two sons, never to be heard from again.  He’s lived with that rejection all of his life and feels the need to have some closure and see what his aunt has to say.

When he arrives in town, he stumbles across Rachel Macquire being harassed in the bar that she works by some locals.  He comes to her aid and wants to see her safely home, but when she finds out who he is, she’s fit to be tied.  Reluctantly she takes him to see his Aunt Peg who she lives with, and he will learn the truth about his mother.  While there, he and Rachel are drawn to each other despite the turmoil, and he learns a secret she’s been hiding from even those closest to her.  She has a stalker.

Will Garrett be able to keep her safe from this unknown person who has been terrorizing her for years?  Will Rachel be able to trust him even though she thinks he brought pain to his mother time and again before she died?  Will they survive to decide take a chance on love with each other?  Read the book to find out all the juicy details!

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REVIEW: A SEAL’s Proposal – Tawny Weber

A SEAL's Proposal


A sexy but sweet story about Sam Morelli and Bryanna Spencer, who had been crushing on each other for years, long before they started their relationship a couple of years ago.

Sam is going through training to achieve his dream of becoming a Navy SEAL … following in both his and Bryanna’s brothers footsteps.  He took an oath with the gang of guys when he was a young teenager that once he became a SEAL, he would make that his life and not have the added “baggage” of a relationship.

Bryanna knows about the pact, and knows Sam is getting close to achieving his dream, so she turns on the charm while he’s home this time.  Surely if she seduces him JUST right, he won’t be able to walk away from her.

Will Sam indeed break her heart and walk away, or will he learn that love doesn’t have to be something that holds him back from his dreams?

** Received free from Tawny to review **

REVIEW — Eye Candy – Katherine Garbera

Eye Candy


Great read!

When Garrett Mulligan, on leave NYPD officer, finds his tipsy neighbor, Hayley, trying to break into her own apartment one night, it makes for a fun time!

Hayley, who runs her own candy store, is turning 30 and vowing to turn over a new leaf and stop playing it safe.  She has a little makeover with new hair and clothes and decides to flirt with Officer Hottie, as she calls him.  Garrett, on leave recuperating after being shot during a shootout with a druggie who killed his partner, decides to flirt back.  Their chemistry together is instant and HOT!

They decide to date, but each of their own hang ups attempts to derail the relationship before it even gets started.  Can Hayley overcome her past baggage to allow herself to love freely again without the constant fear of loss?  And can Garrett get past his guilt of being the one to survive and let himself be happy instead of being blinded by his need for revenge?

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REVIEW: Boots and the Rogue – Myla Jackson

Boots and the Rogue


Brody McFarlan is lured back to his family ranch under false pretenses by his younger brother, Colin.  He had been away for 8 years, and when their Mother was threatening to sell the place, his brother got him back there the only way he could … by telling him their Mom was sick.

As soon as he’s back in town, he meets Jessie Taylor, who is broke and homeless, so he takes her home with him to be the new cook at the ranch.  Day after day their attraction grows.  Can they resist each other?  Can the brothers convince their Mom to keep the family ranch?  Will Brody decide he can’t leave town again?  Read to find out!

** Received free from Myla to review **

REVIEW: The Detective – Adrienne Giordano

The Detective


I really enjoyed the mystery waiting to unravel in this book!

It all starts with Lexi Vanderbilt being hired to redecorate a house where a murder occurred two years prior so the remaining family can sell it and move on.  A friend of Lexi’s is intrigued by the story behind the house and gets a Private Investigator her husband works with to look into the cold case to see if she can find any additional info.  The P.I., Jenna Hayward, asks her Detective brother Brodey who is out on medical leave at the moment to look over the files with her and give her his opinion.

Brodey gets under Lexi’s skin the second he arrives at the house and they get into a tiff over the scene of the crime being changed.  They begin to work together on the investigation when little things keep happening and turning up that lead them to believe they have stumbled upon the killer.

Will Brodey be able to keep Lexi safe when the person they suspect turns his sights on her?  Have they actually solved this crime?  Will Lexi forgive Brodey when he disappoints her by not sharing enough info?  Read the book to find out!  Very enjoyable read!

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REVIEW: The Heat of the Moment — Katie Rose

The Heat of the Moment


This was my first experience with this author, and I had not read either of the first two books of this series, so I wasn’t sure what to expect … I LOVED IT!  I have to say that I have not gotten as attached to a set of characters as quickly as I did these in quite some time.  I was rooting for them from the first moment they met.  Very enjoyable read and sexy to boot!

It begins with Gavin King, professional baseball first baseman, learning his high end California team is trading him to the mediocre New Jersey Sonics.  He’s stunned and not happy with the change.  He gets to Jersey and meets the team that is not anywhere near as serious about the game as he’s used to, and begins rehabbing his knee to try to get back into the game.

When he sets eyes on the team’s Sports Therapist he’ll be working out with, Jessica Hart, he’s instantly attracted to her, but he has a girlfriend back in California, and Jessica has sworn off of professional athletes after having her heart broken by a guy the year prior.  They become friends and she helps him alot in understanding what he can and can’t do with his knee while his healing is happening.  He’s soon dumped by his super model girlfriend now that he’s not a mega-star, and Jessica starts to realize he might be different after all from the jerk she is getting over.

Will she decide to take a chance on him?  Will his knee heal enough for him to ever get to play pro ball again?  Can he learn to fit in with this team that’s so different from what he’s used to?  Read the book to find out all of the juicy details.  You won’t be disappointed!

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REVIEW: All I Need Is You — Wendy S. Marcus

All I Need Is You



Neve Jaimes is a 24 year old gymnastics instructor/Adiago dancer living in New York.  She gets the idea to be a Pen Pal to an army soldier from her best friend Brooke.  She reaches out to 23 year old Rory McRoy who is from Boston and is currently deployed to Afghanistan.  They begin to exchange letters and emails filled with tidbits about themselves, encouragement for each other as they go through this situation or that, and lots of flirting and hot sexy talk!

Rory gets leave, comes to visit Neve, and after a sexy encounter, somethings happen that make Neve think that Rory has been lying to her for months and has a fiance waiting for him.  She cuts off ties and refuses to hear anything he has to say or talk to him again.

A few months later, Rory is done with his time in the Army and immediately comes looking for Neve to try to get her to listen to him about what happened.  She’s still mad and refusing to talk, but then collapses and has to be rushed to the hospital.  Rory sticks by her side while there, so she eventually agrees to hear his side of the story once she’s awake and she forgives him for the misunderstanding and allows him to stay and help her recover once she goes home.

They have a couple of months enjoying life together while she recuperates, and then she wants to go off and have her life changing experiences that she’s been planning for.  Will they come back together and share a future?  Read the book to find out!

** Received free from Net Galley to review **

REVIEW: Following Doctor’s Orders — Caro Carson

Following Doctor's Orders


I really enjoyed reading this book!  It has the sexy self-confident man flirting aspect, yet turns into a sweet love story.  Keeps you reading page after page without taking a break because you just have to know will she, or won’t she!

It starts out with sexy Firefighter/Paramedic Zach Bishop constantly flirting with Dr. Brooke Brown when he drops patients off at the hospital she is an ER Physician at.  It goes on for months of her acting stand-offish while he flirts corny pick up lines.  They finally have a real conversation after a shared patient experience and she agrees to go out with him.  A romance quickly ensues, but they both carry past baggage that threatens their happiness.

Will she be able to overcome her childhood trauma to find happiness?  And will his sudden intrusion of a possible 4 year old child tear down the work he’s already accomplished with her?  Can they meld into a true happily ever after?  Read the book to find out!

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REVIEW:  SEAL’s Ultimate Challenge — Elle Jame



I really enjoyed this book!  Hope there are more to come with the other character’s stories. 🙂

It starts out with Cory “Reaper” Nipton being injured in Afghanistan and sent to Walter Reed in Bethesda, MD to recuperate from his injury.  He meets his Physical Therapist, Leigha Fields, and is attracted to her and hates her all at the same time.  She works him super hard to goad him into seeing that he can still have a life even though he can’t be a SEAL anymore.  He finds himself falling for her, and the feeling is mutual, but it’s a taboo relationship.  #1, she’s his Physical Therapist and he’s her patient, #2, he’s engaged to Delaney O-Connell!

Through the story, Cory and Leigha grow closer when circumstances put her in danger, and he feels the need to protect her.  Will he stay true to his fiance, or will his feelings for Leigha win out?  Will he be able to keep her safe?  And what kind of life will he be able to lead if he’s not able to be a SEAL anymore?  Read to find out!  Highly recommend!

** Received free from Elle to review **