DAY 12

Day 12  -  100 Days of Happiness Music makes me happy! I'm a big country fan. Not so much new country, although I like some of that. I'm a bigger … [Continue reading]

REVIEW – Head Over Heals for the Boss – Susan Meier

5 STARS! I really fell in love with the characters of this book! Isabelle Cooper, as an only child, is devoted to her parents.  She's kind and … [Continue reading]

REVIEW – SEAL’s Defiance – Elle James

4 STARS! Declan "Irish" O-Shea, member of Navy SEAL Team 10, is in Somalia to take down a rebel group that is taking over villages and killing the … [Continue reading]

REVIEW – Infinite Possibilities – Lisa Renee Jones

4 STARS! It's the continuation of Liam and Amy's story ... still good because it's them, but nothing can measure up to the first book and them coming … [Continue reading]

DAY 11

Day 11  -  100 Days of Happiness A slightly lower number on the scale is making me happy lately! I had some surgery a few months ago with a long … [Continue reading]

DAY 10

Day 10  -  100 Days of Happiness I'm still a day behind and a dollar short. *sigh* I made up Day 9 yesterday morning and planned to do 10 last night … [Continue reading]

REVIEW – Escaping Reality – Lisa Renee Jones

5 STARS! Okay, I admit it ... I'm hooked!  From the beginning to the end of this book, I sat devouring page after page wondering what we were going … [Continue reading]


Day 9  -  100 Days of Happiness I'm running late ... didn't get around to posting yesterday, sorry! :) NETFLIX makes me happy. Hubby and I watched a … [Continue reading]

REVIEW – Liam’s Witness Protection – Amelia Autin

4 STARS! An action packed story of healing and forgiving oneself for what you have to do in order to live, cope and escape life's perils. Liam Jones … [Continue reading]


Day 8  -  100 Days of Happiness Sometimes the simple things in life bring you happiness ... like Pepperoni Pizza! #100DaysofHappiness … [Continue reading]