* Release Blast / Review * NICE AND EASY by Erin Nicholas

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Release Blast / Review * NICE AND EASY by Erin NicholasNice and Easy by Erin Nicholas
Series: Boys of the Big Easy
Published by EN Fiction, Inc. on February 12, 2019
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A hot firefighter who just wants to take care of her and her little boy? Sign her up.

Moving in with him and his little girl who already has a huge chunk of her heart? Very nice.

Roommates with benefits? Yes, please.

Convincing this take-charge alpha to let her take care of him too? That’s not going to be as easy.


Fast paced and delicious! With the next book in her Boys of the Big Easy series, Erin Nicholas brings us sexy firefighter Caleb and newly minted nurse Lexi’s story. If you’ve been following the series, you’ll quickly recognize them from the single parents support group. They’ve been dancing around each other for awhile now, and it’s time to get serious and admit their feelings once and for all. The characters are awesome and the story line moves forward easily. I missed the support group forum, and I wanted to see some hands on firefighter/nurse drama, but it was a really great story none-the-less. Looking forward to the next in the series!!

Firefighter Caleb Moureu has been raising his orphaned niece to the best of his ability for a couple of years now, and he’s grown to depend heavily on his partner in crime Lexi. They trade off this harsh world of single parenthood as much as possible to pick up the dropped balls and plug the leaky holes in life with each others help, and he thinks they are doing a mighty fine job of it if he does say so himself!

ER nurse Lexi Scott never imagined she’d be managing motherhood and a hectic career on her own, but with Caleb’s help, she’s making it all work. She adores his niece and he loves her son, and together they’re a happy quasi family … until the night a drunk confession brings out the hidden lust she’s been feeling for him along with the info that she and her son are sort of homeless … then watch out, over-protective Caleb is on the loose!





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Nice and Easy, an all-new sexy standalone in the Boys of the Big Easy series from New York Times bestselling author Erin Nicholas available now!



A hot firefighter who just wants to take care of her and her little boy? Sign her up.

Moving in with him and his little girl who already has a huge chunk of her heart? Very nice.

Roommates with benefits? Yes, please.

Convincing this take-charge alpha to let her take care of him too? That’s not going to be as easy.

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Lexi could feel Caleb’s breath on her lips, and his bunched muscles under her palm were hot and hard. She stared at his mouth. He stared at hers. And she decided that if he wasn’t going to look at her breasts, looking at her mouth like he was starving and she was a grilled BLT—his favorite food in the world—was just fine with her.

Being compared, even in her own head, to a grilled BLT might not seem sexy, but in her mind, it so was. Caleb devoured those sandwiches. He’d do almost anything for one. He made sexy moaning sounds when he first tasted them. And he’d proclaimed that hers were the best he’d ever tasted. Yeah, put that way, along with the schnapps still coating her brain, it was strangely sexy.


She watched his pupils dilate and his jaw clench.

Her hand went to the front of his shirt and she bunched it in her fists, watching his eyes. He didn’t try to stop her. Then she tugged, urging him forward.

And he came, the hand next to her hip pressing into the mattress as she tipped her head to one side. Their lips touched. Softly. Briefly. But she felt it all the way to her bones. Heat, want, relief. She suddenly had to have more. She made a little almost-a-sob sound and licked her tongue along his lower lip.


Her name was more of a groan than a word. It was the sexiest thing she’d ever heard.

“Caleb,”she breathed.

Then the next groan became the sexiest thing she’d ever heard. It was a combination of hunger and resignation, and she felt like he’d just set her nerve endings on fire.

Suddenly, Caleb’s hand came up to cup the back of her head, his fingers diving into her hair. And he took over.

His mouth opened over hers and his tongue stroked deep and hot. Every glide of his tongue felt as though he was running a finger over her clit. Some were firmer, some softer, some longer, some shorter, and her need ratcheted up with each one.

She ran her hands over his chest to his shoulders and up the sides of his neck, loving the hard muscles and the heat under her palms. Then she slid her hands down his sides to the bottom of his shirt. She slipped her hands underneath, moaning as she met hot, bare skin. He sucked in a quick breath and she smiled against his lips, loving having an effect on him.

And suddenly she was on her back and Caleb was moving over her. Her hands slid to his back, the muscles there bunching as he braced himself above her, still kissing her like it was his job. Instinctively, she slid her legs apart and he settled between them. The comforter was between them, but she felt him hard and hot and deliciously heavy against her. The feel of his cock pressed against her made her ache. She’d done that to him. She’d made him hard.


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About Erin Nicholas

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Erin Nicholas has been writing romances almost as long as she’s been reading them. To date, she’s written over thirty sexy, contemporary novels that have been described as “toe-curling,” “enchanting,” “steamy,” and “fun.” She adores reluctant heroes, imperfect heroines, and happily ever afters.

Erin lives in the Midwest, where she enjoys spending time with her husband (who only wants to read the sex scenes in her books), her kids (who will never read the sex scenes in her books), and her family and friends (who claim to be “shocked” by the sex scenes in her books).


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Instagram: http://bit.ly/2Ghek4N
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Website: https://erinnicholas.com

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