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From A Paris Balcony

Heartbroken and alone, Boston art curator Sarah West is grieving the recent deaths of her parents and the end of her marriage. Ultrasensible by nature, she’s determined to stay the course to get her life back on track. But fate has something else in mind. While cleaning out her father’s closet, she finds a letter from the famous Parisian courtesan Marthe de Florian, dated 1895. The subject? Sarah’s great-great-aunt Louisa’s death. Legend has it Louisa committed suicide…but this letter implies there’s more to that story.

Determined to learn the truth, Sarah, against her nature, impulsively flies to Paris. There she’s drawn into the world of her flatmate, the brilliant artist Laurent Chartier. As she delves deep into the glittering Belle Époque to unravel the mystery, Sarah finds that her aunt’s story may offer her exactly what she needs to open up to love again.

Following Sarah in the present day and Louisa in the 1890s, this moving novel spans more than a century to tell the stories of two remarkable women.

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Ella Carey is a writer and Francophile who claims Paris as her second home. She has been studying French since the age of five, and she has degrees in music and English. Her debut novel, The Paris Time Capsule, has captured global attention and her second novel, The House By The Lake, will be released on March 29th, 2016. She lives with her two children and a pair of Italian greyhounds in Hobart.

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Getting to know Ella …..

It’s been a joy to travel through Paris and Germany with you in your novels.  Are there other specific places that you dream of writing about one day?

  • Thank you Lynn! And thank you for having me here today. I admit that I am fascinated by the most romantic locations in Europe- Prague, Vienna, Amsterdam, Florence. I wouldn’t be surprised if I wrote novels set in these places when the right stories emerge. I think all novels are a love letter to a place…
What hobbies do you enjoy doing when you’re not busy writing?
  • I enjoy walking my dogs, reading, playing the piano and going to films with my friends. I do love going to art galleries, and to concerts and the theatre as well. Anything to do with the Arts…
Do you have a particular process that you go through as you write?  A favorite place?  A strict time schedule?
  • I am dedicated to my writing. I’ve always viewed it as a job. I find the best time to write is first thing in the morning, so I’ll generally try and get going as soon as close to waking up as I can. I don’t have a strict time schedule, but I work until I’m sort of done. I just know when enough is enough, so I stop! That part of it is probably a little instinctive, but for the most part, I am quite disciplined about writing. Mind you, if I don’t write, then I’m not very happy at all!
If you could have lunch with one famous/infamous person, either dead or alive, who would it be?
  • Jane Austen, for sure! She fascinates me with her insights into society, into the nature of humanity, and with her enduring belief that love overcomes everything in the end. I have been to her house in Hampshire, and been to all the places where she grew up, lived and wrote.
Do you have a favorite author or two that inspired your desire to write?
  • Yes, Jane Austen, and Charlotte Bronte. And many other contemporary writers, but it was these two writers who sparked things off for me. I can turn to their novels again and again, and always find something new to inspire me in their work.

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