** Review ** A CHILD CLAIMED BY GOLD Rachael Thomas

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

** Review **  A CHILD CLAIMED BY GOLD  Rachael ThomasA Child Claimed by Gold by Rachael Thomas
Series: One Night With Consequences
Published by Harlequin Presents on January 1, 2017
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A scandal of their own making

Nikolai Cunningham has kept his family history secret for seventeen years. So when photographer Emma Sanders is granted exclusive access to his childhood home, he returns to Russia to ensure it stays hidden.

Though she tries to keep her eye on the story, Nikolai's potent sexuality proves too much for Emma's untouched body to resist! But, convinced she only wanted a scoop, Nikolai casts Emma out, unaware she's pregnant!

When the consequence of their recklessness is revealed, Nikolai will legitimize his heir—with a gold wedding ring!

A blustery winter in Russia sets the scene for the main characters to meet, share a connection and end up with a future on the way!

Nikolai Cunningham hasn’t returned to Russia since he left as a child, and he’s not happy at being forced to do so for an intrusive interview!  He sets out to distract the photographer wanting to do a story on his family history so she doesn’t uncover the secrets he wants to remain hidden, but along the way, he finds her irresistible!

Emma Sanders has no ulterior motives, but Nikolai seems to think the worst of her.  She just wants to get some decent pictures to be published … but spending time with him only leads to the sparks they feel igniting!  When he puts her back at arms length and wants her gone, they have no idea they had just made a baby!


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