* Review * A CHRISTMAS CAROUSEL PROPOSAL by Melinda Curtis and Cari Lynn Webb

* Review * A CHRISTMAS CAROUSEL PROPOSAL by Melinda Curtis and Cari Lynn WebbA Christmas Carousel Proposal by Melinda Curtis and Cari Lynn Webb
Series: 12 Days of Heartwarming Christmas
on June 10, 2018

This clean romance kicks off the 2018 anthology written by Harlequin Heartwarming romance authors.

Lisa Garland has big plans for her grandparents' wedding anniversary on December 24th - the grand opening of Carousel House, featuring a fully-restored carousel in downtown Christmas Town. She doesn't expect the company restoring the carousel to go bankrupt or the only man available to help her make the deadline for her grandparents' anniversary to be her ex-fiance.

A decade ago, John Richardson walked away from Lisa for her own good. He's tried hard not to look back. But now Lisa needs a miracle and John might just be the only man who can deliver it. If only he can keep his undying love for her a secret. He's scheduled to return to duty on December 25, so all he needs to do is organize volunteers to finish the carousel and keep his heart under lock and key. But love has a way of opening doors and hearts, and John's holiday season may not go as planned.

A Christmas Carousel Proposal introduces many of the characters in the 12 Days of Heartwarming Christmas series, which begin the week after John proposes to Lisa. Six romances feature Lisa’s bridesmaids and six feature heroes working on the carousel. All full-length novels end on Christmas Eve.


A delightful holiday reunion! Kicking off this years holiday anthology from the Harlequin Heartwarming authors, this story introduces the story line that a treasured carousel in the town of Christmas Town, Maine is being brought back to life in a new location to be enjoyed by all. Lisa Garland is in charge of getting it all arranged, and it’s super special to her because it’s special to her grandparents and will reopen centered around an anniversary party for them on Christmas Eve. The book introduces many of the characters that will derive the heroes and heroines of the 12 full length books to follow. It piqued my interest and brought the excitement of the carousel to life in my imagination!

Lisa Garland thinks all is on track for the carousel project she’s spearheading for the town council until an unexpected visitor announces that the company in charge of getting the overhaul done has declared bankruptcy and closed down! Panic ensues and the only person capable of possibly still pulling off the deadline just so happens to be the man she hasn’t seen since he walked away from her and their engagement a decade ago!

John Richardson never got over his love for Lisa, but when she voiced doubts about their union, he used it in order to walk away. He was shipping off soon thereafter anyway and considered it for her own good that he was leaving her open to live her own life again. Facing their past and realizing a new future just might be the answer they’ve both been looking for!


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