* Review * A CONTRACT, A WEDDING, A WIFE? by Christy McKellen

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * A CONTRACT, A WEDDING, A WIFE? by Christy McKellenA Contract, A Wedding, A Wife? by Christy McKellen
Published by Harlequin Romance on April 1, 2018
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“What I need most right now is a wife.”

But can their convenient marriage turn into forever?

Solitaire Saunders will do anything to save her family’s café—even marry enigmatic billionaire Xavier McQueen! As his contracted bride, she’s there to secure Xavier’s inheritance—not to enjoy his delicious kisses… It’s only meant to be temporary, until the pretense of being married starts to feel passionately real!


A sweet “arranged marriage that turns into forever” story! A fast paced read involving a man who doesn’t think love and forever belong in his life who stumbles across a dreamer of a gal who teaches him that it’s never too late to start over! An entertaining read with minimum strife and a fitting happy ever after.

Solitaire Saunders is just desperate enough to do just about anything to save her family’s cafe. She has more responsibilities on her shoulder than anyone can imagine, so she can’t add one more thing to the list or she will crumble. A rare request from a virtual stranger might seem extreme … but she’ll do it if it means her family will be taken care of!

Xavier McQueen isn’t heartless, and he doesn’t mean to make Soli’s life difficult, but business is business … however, when she offers just the right incentive, he’s willing to listen! He needs a temporary, no strings wife in order to secure his inheritance, and if she’s willing to become his wife under those terms, they’ve got themselves a deal! Only neither of them expected to feel the chemistry and attraction to each other that comes about.



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