* Review * A COWBOY TO CALL DADDY by Sasha Summers

* Review * A COWBOY TO CALL DADDY by Sasha SummersA Cowboy to Call Daddy by Sasha Summers
Series: The Boones of Texas
Published by Harlequin Western Romance on March 1, 2017
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Archer Boone's whole life revolves around his work at his family's ranch and horse refuge. Animals are just so much less complicated than people. But he needs to get the refuge's financial paperwork in order so he can secure his funding. When Eden Caraway arrives to work on his books, Archer can't afford to be distracted by the beautiful single mom and her two adorable daughters.

Eden Caraway is really Eden Monroe, and she is determined to earn her father's respect. So if he wants to pull funding from Archer Boone's horse refuge, she'll make it happen. But Eden is falling for Archer, and she dreams of staying at Boone Ranch. How can she reveal her real reason for being there and risk losing her heart?

Priorities change when love comes knocking! Sasha Summers continues her The Boones of Texas series by bringing us Archer’s story. He’s met his match … in a pint sized adorable cherub! No one thought they’d ever see Archer smile the way he does when this little girl is wrapping her way around his heart .. and her beautiful mama doesn’t hurt one bit! A sweet story about picking up life’s pieces no matter how many times you’ve been hurt and taking a chance on happily ever after one last time.

Eden Monroe would do just about anything to get her father’s approval, so if he wants to find dirt on Boone Ranch Refuge in order to be able to pull their funding, she will find it for him! Only problem is, the more time she spends there, the more she sees how beneficial and well run the place is.

Archer Boone thinks she’s the temp sent by the clerical agency to get his books in order when Eden shows up at the ranch. She and her adorable little munchkins wind up getting under his skin … and into his heart … before he knows it! When he finds out she’s actually there to try to pull the funding from his horse refuge, will he be able to forgive her deceit?



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