** Review ** A FORTUNE IN WAITING Michelle Major

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

** Review **  A FORTUNE IN WAITING  Michelle MajorA Fortune in Waiting by Michelle Major
Series: The Fortunes of Texas: The Secret Fortunes
Published by Harlequin Special Edition on January 1, 2017
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Even in a town as eclectic as Austin, Keaton Fortune Whitfield stands out. With his dreamy British accent and his slate-blue eyes, he has captured the fancy of every red-blooded Texas female in town…except one. Francesca Harriman, his favorite waitress at Lola May's, seems completely immune to his charms. When she's not on her shift, she's too busy studying to pay attention to him—which only makes him want her more.

Francesca has been burned before, and she won't let the Londoner melt her heart. What would a brilliant, wealthy architect want with a commoner like her? She's not about to abandon her schooling to become Keaton's catch of the day. Could a hash-slinging waitress really find happiness with a Fortune?

An adorable take on an opposites attract story!  There’s something about these two that just hooks you instantly.  They are both kind people that you can easily like, and watching them interact and lead to healing hidden wounds that each have is so sweet to watch.  Really loved them!

Londoner Keaton Fortune Whitfield has recently relocated to Austin, TX for a architectural project he’s overseeing, but also to get to know his newly discovered half-siblings!  He doesn’t expect to be drawn so intently to a waitress at the local diner that he frequents daily.  He’s not the type of guy that expects to ever commit, but he’s enjoying getting to know Frannie a lot.

Francesca Harriman carries around her past heartache as a shield and doesn’t plan to let her guard down anytime soon … and then she lays eyes on this sexy Brit who is turning all the ladies’ heads.  She gets tongue tied and nervous every time he looks her way!


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