* Review * A PROPOSAL FOR THE OFFICER by Christy Jeffries

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * A PROPOSAL FOR THE OFFICER by Christy JeffriesA Proposal for the Officer by Christy Jeffries
Series: American Heroes
Published by Harlequin Special Edition on March 1, 2018
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She was used to flying solo…

But that was before Kaleb came on board!

Temporarily grounded combat pilot Molly Markham didn’t come to Sugar Falls to get serious about a man she barely knows! But when Kaleb Chatterson becomes her unexpected hero, she agrees to date the billionaire software developer to keep their secret from getting out. Except the sexy brainiac—and her pretend boyfriend—is fast turning into the man of her dreams…


Love when you least expect it! It’s always such a pleasure to make a return trip to the idyllic town of Sugar Falls created by Christy Jeffries. The town is a close-knit gossipy small town full of kind-hearted folks, but to newcomers Molly & Kaleb, it seems they can’t do anything but what it’s being reported to the very people they are trying to keep in the dark .. their families! A little white lie snowballs out of control in this fun-loving story of hope, family and happily ever afters. It’s funny and downright real in the dialogue and problems that arise with a serious spin that shows how dire circumstances can sometimes lead to a brighter future!

Temporarily grounded combat pilot Captain Molly Markham is making the most of her time off with a spur of the moment visit to her sister in Sugar Falls. She’s had some life altering things happen recently and is trying to decide what the future holds while keeping new developments to herself for the moment.

Billionaire software developer Kaleb Chatterson got himself into a pickle when he agreed to a family vacation. Now he can’t get a moments peace or find any time to get any work done in this town! He’s running errands when he unexpectedly becomes a hero in disguise for Molly when she experiences an episode out of her comfort zone. To keep her secrets under wraps, Molly pretends to be dating Kaleb … and soon, it doesn’t feel like their relationship is fake!


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