* Review * A RING TO TAKE HIS REVENGE by Pippa Roscoe

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * A RING TO TAKE HIS REVENGE by Pippa RoscoeA Ring to Take His Revenge by Pippa Roscoe
Series: The Winners' Circle
Published by Harlequin Presents on September 1, 2018
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He’ll do anything to settle the score…

…even fake an engagement!

To secure his revenge against his cruel father, billionaire Antonio Arcuri needs a fake fiancée—fast! He demands his shy PA, Emma Guilham, wear his diamond. In return, he’ll help fulfill her dreams—starting with a jet-set trip to Buenos Aires! It’s a simple charade, until the burning tension between them erupts into irresistible desire. Now Antonio must decide between vengeance and Emma…


Revenge is a powerful motivator! Pippa Roscoe brings us the story of a man who cares deeply for his family and wants the man that brought them pain to suffer justly. He’s willing to use a woman he really knows very little about in order to further his cause … but as he begins to learn her story and see the person behind the shyness, he starts to want to protect her just as much as his family. The characters are intriguing and the story line was satisfying.

Antonio Arcuri has been waiting sixteen years to reap the revenge his family so richly deserves against the man that tore them apart and left them in ruins. On the cusp of a business deal that would be the final shove needed to ruin his father once and for all, Antonio will stop at nothing to make sure it happens. Even fake an engagement with the least likely woman around!

Personal assistant Emma Guilham is rather meek when it comes to his overbearing nature, and she never expects him to offer to make all of her dreams come true if only she’ll pretend to be his fiancee for long enough to get this contract that will revenge his family. She reluctantly agrees to the farce, but as they spend time together and set out to be seen as a couple, it starts to feel all too real!


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