* Review * AT THE CEO’S PLEASURE by Yahrah St. John

* Review * AT THE CEO’S PLEASURE by Yahrah St. JohnAt the CEO's Pleasure by Yahrah St. John
Series: The Stewart Heirs #1
Published by Harlequin Desire on January 1, 2019
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“What do you want from me?”

“I want you back.”

He’d broken his “no office affair” policy once and lost his best assistant. Now rich businessman Ayden Stewart needs Maya Richardson back…at any price. Taking the job, Maya tells herself the years apart have cooled their chemistry. So why are they breaking rule number one again…and again? Ayden makes her want what she can never have—real love. Will it be different this time?


Ruggedly raw chemistry! With the first book in The Stewart Heirs series, Yahrah St. John makes her Harlequin Desire debut and her voice shines! The story line grabbed my attention from the start and the characters brought the story to life on the pages. There were a tad too many plot twists trying to steal the scene here and there, and an almost raunchy feel in a couple of spots, but overall a really entrenching read. I enjoyed it a lot and look forward to more from the Stewarts!

When Ayden Stewart finds himself in need of an assistant, he can think of no one better than the one he let slip through his fingers five years ago. Temptation led to a night of passion and the fallout had Maya leaving her job. Now he’ll promise her just about anything to get her to return to the company fold!

Maya Richardson never expected to get to live out her most secret fantasy of a night spent with the guy she’d been crushing on for years, but that’s exactly what happened … but the way he reacted the next morning broke her heart. Her life was enough of a roller coaster at the time without adding awkward days at the office to the list, so she found another job. Now Ayden wants her back, and she happens to need the ridiculous money he’s promising her.


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