* Review * BAD REPUTATION by JC Harroway

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * BAD REPUTATION by JC HarrowayBad Reputation by JC Harroway
Series: The Pleasure Pact #2
Published by Harlequin Dare on August 1, 2020
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Playboy billionaire Oliver Cotterill has never crossed the line with his best friend, Neve…until a destination wedding becomes a vacation fling that’s hotter than a tropical fever.

My bad reputation is well deserved. That’s why I’ve always kept things platonic with Neve Grayson. She may be a curvaceous beauty, but she’s also my best friend. The person who’s always had my back, always believed in me. The safest woman to take to my cousin’s Maldives beach wedding. Or so I thought…

Neve parading around in barely there bikinis strains the boundary I set for myself nine years ago. Discovering her bag of sex toys opens Pandora’s box…and there’s no going back. It turns out Neve made a “pleasure pact” with her friends—they’ve dared her to show me exactly how she feels about being platonic! Then we make our own deal: what happens on the island stays on the island.

Once I get a taste of sweet, funny Neve, I realize my cravings will never be satisfied. My best friend has become my most powerful addiction. But I have to go cold turkey before she becomes the next salacious tidbit for the tabloids. Before my messed-up family damages her as they have me. Before she learns my darkest secret and walks out of my life forever…


Best friends to vacation lovers with oh so many feels!! Oliver and Neve are sure to delight as JC Harroway brings us book two in The Pleasure Pact series with BAD REPUTATION. I loved every minute of it and enjoyed the love they had for each other and the tidbits of humor laced into an intense plot. I’m looking forward to more in the series!

Oliver Cotterill is such a sweetheart. His dysfunctional family has him believing he doesn’t deserve the love of a good woman, so for almost a decade he’s been fulfilled with Neve being his very best friend … but an obligatory showing at a cousin’s wedding with her by his side might just be his undoing!

Neve Grayson is so easy to like. She’s secretly loved Olly since the day she met him, but has delighted in having him as her best friend since she obviously didn’t do it for him then, but a Pleasure Pact with her girlfriends has her considering putting it all on the line to be honest with him once and for all about how she really feels.

I highly recommend this book and the entire series to anyone looking for a fast moving delicious plot filed with love, laughter and intense sexual pleasure.


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