* Review * BE WITH ME by Jules Bennett

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * BE WITH ME by Jules BennettBe with Me by Jules Bennett
Series: Return to Haven #2
Published by Zebra on October 30, 2018
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Three best friends are starting over in the cozy town of Haven, Georgia, where revamping the local airport brings dreams of love and family within reach . . .

Since moving to Haven to help out her closest friends, Melanie Ramsey has begun to reclaim her strength after a difficult divorce. Through Mel’s Motivational Blog, she’s inspiring other women too. Then a wild, one-night fling with Haven’s gorgeous deputy leaves her shaken, stirred—and pregnant. But Melanie’s not giving up her newfound independence for another powerful man. Not even one as upstanding and intriguing as
Tanner Roark . . .

What matters most to Tanner: defending the weak, seeking justice, and protecting his heart after a tragic loss. Random hookups have been working out just fine until he and Melanie collide. Despite her domineering ex’s best efforts to rattle her, she’s still kind and resilient. Not to mention witty, straight-talking, and sexy as hell. Chemistry is easy. Trust, not so much. But when you find the one who sends your heart soaring, what can you do except buckle up and hold on tight? . . .


Strong characters, deep connections and a boat load of good times! With an ever-popular visit back to Haven, Georgia, we get to reconnect with the small airport project that we fell in love with during Jax and Livie’s story in Book 1 and we also get to see a bit of the brother’s we adored in the original Monroes series. Melanie and Tanner have a strong connection, but each have their own past that keeps them weighted down with fear. The baby on the way makes them have to move out of their comfort zone and actually try to reconnect with parts of them that they have hidden away for years now … and the magic of watching them come back to life is super special! Great characters, a very relatable plot and lots of happily ever after feels!

Melanie Ramsey moved to Haven to be close to her friends and simply because it came at a time when she was ready to take charge of her life and a new town was paramount. She never expected to find herself unexpectedly pregnant at this point, and even though it scares her, she can’t regret it for a single minute. Tanner is a complication she’s not sure how to handle right now, but she’s well on her way to making the life she’s always dreamed of, and she won’t be backing down lightly.

Deputy Tanner Roark has a past that led him to live only for the moment and not plan on having that perfect happily ever after that everyone dreams about. He’s just fine being a friend, a son, and a temporary lover … until Melanie comes into his life. He was more moved by their one night together than he ever expected and the fact that she’s been ignoring him since is getting on his nerves … but when she comes bearing the news that they’ve having a baby, he sets out to convince her that they can have a life together … even if it sends him into a panic!


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