* Review * BIG NICK ENERGY by Lani Lynn Vale

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * BIG NICK ENERGY by Lani Lynn ValeBig Nick Energy by Lani Lynn Vale
on December 19, 2023
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Big Nick Energy is a compilation of things that I’ve written as companion pieces to already published novels.

Somethin’ About That Boy: You’ll get some of the ‘rest of the story’ from Banner and Perry’s new life together far away from their family and friends. But don’t worry, big, rich, all grown up and famous Slone and Titus make appearances in their update. You’ll also get the story between Blue and Titus that you’ve been waiting for in Titus’s very own short story.

But don’t despair, Viddy and Trance, as well as their kids, have their own Christmas story, too!


Catching up with the gang for the holidays! I’ll admit that I loved catching up with Banner and Perry and seeing Trance and Viddy again, but after their little reunion I kind of lost interest because all of the switching about was really confusing. I would have enjoyed it more if it was a longer story catching up with that whole family instead of many tidbits with lots of book couples through the years. I enjoyed part of it, but overall I could have skipped it.


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