* Review * BLACK ROCK GUARDIAN by Jenna Kernan

* Review * BLACK ROCK GUARDIAN by Jenna KernanBlack Rock Guardian by Jenna Kernan
Series: Apache Protectors: Wolf Den
Published by Harlequin Intrigue on June 1, 2018
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When you play both sides

…there’s always a price

Ty Redhorse is tied to both sides of the law. Now he’s caught between the tribe’s gang and his cop brother—and the FBI wants him to choose. Complicating the stakes is Beth Hoosay, the stunning FBI agent who always follows the rules…except when it comes to their sizzling attraction. But how long can Ty play this dangerous game before he gets caught in the cross fire?


Powerful conclusion of the Apache Protectors: Wolf Den series! Jenna Kernan has kept our interest high throughout this entire series as we followed along trying to figure out who was behind the surrogacy ring and whether they would be able to rescue all of their missing tribe members before it was too late. In this final book in the series, we get Ty Redhorse’s story. We’ve seen him in each of his brother’s stories and know that he’s been somewhat affiliated with the gang for many years, yet is always there to help his family no matter what the issue might be. We finally get to know Ty and what his choices have been all about, and we get to watch him fall for the least expected woman he could have found. Great story!

Ty Redhorse has been playing fast and loose with both sides of the law for awhile now. He calls in favors when he needs to from the head of the gang, someone he loosely calls a friend, and yet he’s been there on more than one occasion to help his family out, even his law enforcing brother Jake. Now the FBI thinks they have him where they want him and are turning the screws to get him to cooperate with their investigation, but he’s not going down that easily!

FBI agent Beth Hoosay is coming to Turquoise Canyon to go undercover alongside Ty to try to get the info they need to knock down this surrogacy ring once and for all. She goes into it thinking Ty is nothing more than a lying common criminal, but as they lean on each other more and more during this case, she starts to see the reasons why he’s made the choices he has in life. Family love can be a powerful thing!


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