* Review * BLIND SPOT by Brenda Novak

* Review * BLIND SPOT by Brenda NovakBlind Spot by Brenda Novak
Series: The Evelyn Talbot Chronicles #4
Published by St. Martin's Paperbacks on August 27, 2019
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With Jasper Moore, the privileged boy who attacked her when she was only sixteen, finally caught and in prison, Dr. Evelyn Talbot, founder and head psychiatrist at Hanover House (a prison/research facility for psychopaths in remote Alaska), believes she can finally quit looking over her shoulder. She’s safe, happier than she’s ever been and expecting her first child. She’s also planning to marry Amarok, her Alaska State Trooper love interest and the town’s only police presence.

But before the wedding can take place, a psychopath from the much more recent past comes out of nowhere and kidnaps her in broad daylight. Instead of planning her wedding, Evelyn finds herself doing everything she can to survive, save her baby and devise some way to escape while Amarok races the clock to find her - before it’s too late.


Exhilarating from start to finish! BLIND SPOT is the much-anticipated fourth full-length novel in Brenda Novak’s The Evelyn Talbot Chronicles series and picks up shortly after the previous book left off. Just when things were looking like they would be slowing to a normal life for Evelyn and Amarok and their baby-to-be, Evelyn embarks on yet another fight for her life when a more recent psychopath kidnaps her.

As detailed descriptions wrap around us, we embark immediately on a journey of terror with Evelyn as she’s locked up and has no clue who has her. She quickly sets forth a plan to fight for the life of her unborn child harder than she’s ever fought before, showcasing the strong character she’s been throughout the series.

Amarok is desperate to figure out who has taken Evelyn and where they are holding her. He goes up against all obstacles to try to get even a hint of a lead to go on in his search. He remains the amazingly supportive man we’ve seen by her side, and shows an additional softer side of him as his worry turns into desperation.

I highly recommend this book, and this series as a whole. To fully appreciate the plight in each book, I recommend you read in order from prequel through each full-length novel there after (Hanover House, Her Darkest Nightmare, Hello Again, Face Off and ending with Blind Spot). The only thing that would have made it complete for me as a die-hard fan of the series was more time with Evelyn and Amarok together and especially seeing how their future played out. Loved the series!


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