* Review * BUCKED by Tara Sue Me

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * BUCKED by Tara Sue MeBucked by Tara Sue Me
Published by After Six Publishing on February 27, 2020
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As a child all Kiara Bowman wanted to do for a living was to become a nurse. For years after graduation, she considered herself one of the lucky few who truly loved their job. But now a powerful and vindictive ex-lover is making it impossible for her to work in her chosen profession. After being let go from her current job, she decides to head out of town and drives to her twin sister’s house.

Both her sister and her sister’s boyfriend work for Orson Kent. Kiara did as well for a few weeks during the summer. Though she wouldn’t have minded if things got a little hot between them, Orson didn’t look her way twice.

Or so she thought.

Orson has spent his adulthood trying to erase his childhood. Owning and running his ranch as a family friendly destination goes a long way in meeting that goal, as do the private kink weekends. But a freak accident has grounded him for six weeks. For a man used to doing everything, asking for help doesn’t come easy. Especially when that help is Kiara Bowman.

Orson Kent did all he could to keep the lively and vivacious Kiara at arm’s length over the summer. He’s not sure he can do it again, especially with her living under his roof. He’s not even sure he wants to. Besides, he’s not about to turn her down, not when what he’d really like to do is turn her over his knee or his bed or the dining room table…

But just as Orson and Kiara decide to give in to their desires, it becomes clear someone’s past isn’t content to remain in the shadows. They know it’ll be worth the temporary trouble that comes with bringing everything into the light. What they aren’t ready for is when it turns deadly.


Steamy chemistry! With her latest release BUCKED, Tara Sue Me dips us slightly back into her Submissive series by bringing us Kelly’s twin sister Kiara and Orson’s story. We get to see Kelly and Evan a little bit, but none of the previous characters play a part in this story line.

Kelly is a likable character who is trying to pick up the pieces of the life she has left after dealing with a difficult ex. She finds herself back on Orson’s ranch before she knows it, and this time she’s not going to accept him keeping her at a distance.

Orson has been closed off about his past for years, but Kelly has a way of digging herself into his heart and soon knows exactly what it is that makes him tick.

I recommend this story to fans of the series. It’s almost like going home again to read about this family of friends, and though this book doesn’t have as much depth as earlier ones in the series, I enjoyed it.


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