* Review * BUILDING A FAMILY by M.K. Stelmack

* Review * BUILDING A FAMILY by M.K. StelmackBuilding a Family by M. K. Stelmack
Series: A True North Hero
Published by Harlequin Heartwarming on June 1, 2018
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The best man in the world wanted to marry her

But she couldn’t say yes…yet!

Most girls dreamed of the day someone offered them a ring. Not Connie Greene. She couldn’t even open the box. She did care for Ben Carruthers—always had, always would. But she couldn’t marry him until she’d made amends for the wrongs she’d committed. Until then, she had to protect Ben from himself. And most important, from her.


Redemption at it’s best! With the second book in her A True North Hero series, M.K. Stelmack gave herself a really tough job. She had to redeem a heroine that we all kind of loved to hate in the first book of the series. Connie came off as a really selfish person previously, and as we start to delve into her mind with this book, we start to see how she sees herself, and why she’s done some of the things that she’s done. We might not have made some of the same choices that she made, but we can forgive some of the things she’s done because we understand her reasoning. I really enjoyed getting to know Ben, and seeing them work towards healing. Really good read!

Connie Greene can’t deny that Ben Carruthers is the great love of her life, but she doesn’t think she’s a good enough person to deserve his love. She enjoys having him around, but she won’t accept the ring he offers when he asks her to marry him. She has a lot of work to redeem herself before she can ever even think about being the type of woman he deserves.

Ben has loved Connie since the first day he laid eyes on her when he was just a kid. She might have put a big dent in his heart when she walked away from their relationship, but he can’t give up on her. He sees things in her that she doesn’t seem to be able to see in herself … and he’s willing to give her as long as she need to get her head in the game of promising him a happily ever after.


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