* Review * CAN’T FIGHT THE FEELING by Sandy James

* Review * CAN’T FIGHT THE FEELING by Sandy JamesCan't Fight the Feeling by Sandy James
Series: Nashville Dreams #3
Published by Forever Yours on May 8, 2018
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In Nashville the men are strong, the women are bold, and love comes to those willing to fight for it.

Russ Green is an expert at keeping people out - physically and emotionally. After a career-ending injury, the former quarterback was lucky to find a place as a bouncer at Words and Music. All he wants to do now is stay out of the limelight - alone. With his background, he's nobody's Prince Charming. His life is routine, and he likes it that way. Gym, work, home. No surprises. Until a bar brawl lands him in the emergency room, and in some very capable hands...

Nurse Joslynn Wright found her calling during a childhood bout of leukemia. While the fast-paced ER keeps her adrenaline pumping, it's nothing compared to being with Russ. Her illness made her cautious, though, and Russ's closed-off nature certainly doesn't make things any easier. But she can't help being intrigued by the contradiction of a burly bouncer who can gently strum a guitar. If she's learned anything in Nashville, it's that love may take work, but the rewards can be well worth the effort...


Feisty attitude, kind souls and feel-good moments! With the third book in her Nashville Dreams series, Sandy James brings us the story of the tough guy of the bunch, Russ. We’ve enjoyed the stories of his partners Brad & Ethan previously, so we’re already familiar with their bar Words and Music. It’s fun to reconnect with the previous couples and see where they are now, and there’s just something about Brad that made him my favorite one of all! Really enjoyed this story!

Bad boy Russell Green just might have met his match! Russ has been living the good life. Pro football for awhile, now rubbing elbows with Nashville’s elite while flitting from one gorgeous woman to the next. He should be riding high, but lately it’s been noticeable to his friends and business partners that something is going on with him. He might be holding it close to his chest right now, but eventually he’s going to have to confide in someone!

Nurse Joslynn Wright isn’t expecting to fall for a guy coming through her ER, but Russ is kind of hard to resist when he smiles and looks at her with those eyes. She’s enjoying living the best life that she can now that she’s past the pain and drama of her childhood fight with leukemia. These days she’s living healthy and enjoying life for all it’s worth … and she sees a kindred spirit in Russ that could use some relaxation in his life!


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