* Review * CAN’T WALK AWAY by Sandy James

* Review * CAN’T WALK AWAY by Sandy JamesCan't Walk Away by Sandy James
Series: Nashville Dreams
Published by Forever Yours on October 10, 2017
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In Nashville the stars shine a little brighter, songs sound a little sweeter, and love lasts a lifetime.

Young, rich, and better looking than a man has a right to be, successful songwriter Brad "Hitman" Maxwell was once Nashville's biggest celebrity. Then a heartbreaking loss and a shocking betrayal caused his light to go out. Now, instead of pouring his soul into song, he pours beers at Words & Music. His bar is the perfect escape--a place to forget his past--until the night she takes the stage...

Savannah Wolf used to dream of becoming Nashville's hottest star. Now, as a young single mom, she dreams of a steady income and being home to tuck her daughter into bed. So when Brad Maxwell offers her the gig of a lifetime--playing as the headliner at Words & Music--Savannah discovers the best of both worlds. And she refuses to ruin this opportunity by falling for her sexy boss. Except that Brad suddenly starts writing music again... music inspired by her.


A disillusioned man meets his salvation! Strong characters with an interesting plot take us on the ride of taking second chances even though you still might carry the bruised heart from your last attempt at love! I enjoyed it and look forward to more in the series.

Once the biggest songwriter in Nashville, Brad “Hitman” Maxwell lost his creative energy amid loss and betrayal in his personal life. Now he enjoys himself at the honky tonk he runs and owns with a couple of friends. Words & Music is a great place to catch a glimpse of young talent on their way up in the music scene, and when she takes the stage and blows him away he starts to feel that old spark again!

Savannah Wolf had her chance to be a star and blew it by trusting the wrong people. Now she’d be happy just getting to do what she loves enough to make ends meet and have a happy life with her young daughter. When a friend convinces her to take a turn at open mike, she never expects it to lead to a job offer to be the opening act at Words & Music! She’s on top of the world excited … but she can’t take the chance of acting on the attraction flaring between her and the boss … can she?


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