* Review * CAVANAUGH’S SECRET DELIVERY by Marie Ferrarella

* Review * CAVANAUGH’S SECRET DELIVERY by Marie FerrarellaCavanaugh's Secret Delivery by Marie Ferrarella
Series: Top Secret Deliveries, Cavanaugh Justice
Published by Harlequin Romantic Suspense on July 1, 2018
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This Cavanaugh detective guards his ready-made family

A brand-new Top Secret Deliveries thriller

Delivering a stranded woman’s baby? All in a day’s work for Detective Dugan Cavanaugh. But the new mother is investigative reporter Toni O’Keefe, who’s hot on the trail of the drug cartel Dugan is tracking. Now with infant Heather and Toni in the cartel’s lethal sights, Toni’s fragile trust in Dugan is their only shot to get Cavanaugh justice!


Unexpected delivery! With a dip into the Top Secret Deliveries series, we get to go along for the ride of yet another sexy Cavanaugh cop as he tries to rid the streets of the bad guys. The story started off exciting, and the characters were an interesting pair, but sadly this was not a favorite for me by this author. I’m sure we’ll see another great one next time, but this one fell flat for me with too little plot development.

Detective Dugan Cavanaugh is more than happy to assist when he finds a woman about to give birth on the side of the parking lot with no assistance. He manages to calm her down and delivery her baby before getting them on their way to the hospital with a promise of stopping in to check on them.

Investigative reporter Toni O’Keefe didn’t exactly plan this crazy birth going the way it did, but she’s super thankful for Dugan’s help. When they finally get a chance to connect again, it’s beneficial because she just so happens to have a lot of info on the drug cartel he’s trying to bust. Will he be able to use the info she can give him and still keep her and her little family safe?


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