* Review * CLAIMING COLTON by Melanie Shawn

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * CLAIMING COLTON by Melanie ShawnClaiming Colton by Melanie Shawn
Series: Wishing Well, Texas #5
Published by Red Hot Reads Publishing on April 30, 2017
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Colton McCord was just a regular cowboy before the world made him famous after several stints on reality TV. And even though he turned on his charm for prime time, his real heart belonged to the one he let go because he loved her…

Bella Connor thought she’d never return to Wishing Well. Although it was her home, she could never forget how he broke her heart while at the same time changed her life forever…

The gorgeous blonde is back to settle her late grandfather’s affairs. The sexy all-American boy is ready to shoot his final reality dating show. Life kept them apart and now it was bringing them back together. Will Colton finally be able to tell her the truth and never let her go? Will Bella be able to let go of the past for a chance at a future they both deserve?

A sweet reunion that brings more than we bargained for! We know several of the characters from the previous books in the series so it’s always fun to see them again and see what’s happening with them … and with this one, Colton finally gets his chance to find his happiness!

Colton McCord has been reality tv’s heartthrob for several years now and he’s declared this upcoming show his last! He started it all for his sister Cara, and he did this final one as a favor for his friend Mia, but he’s tired of it all and wants to settle into his real life again.

Isabella Thomas never expected to step foot back in Wishing Well, Texas again after all of these years, but times have changed and necessity has brought her home to settle her late grandfather’s estate so she can move on once and for all. She knows she’ll see Colton again, but she’s unprepared for the way he still affects her. He is adamant he needs to talk to her as soon as he sees her, but can she bear it? Secrets and lies have been the foundation of their separation … is there any chance they can be overcome and give them a chance at a future again?


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