* Review * CLAIMING HIS SECRET HEIR by Joanne Rock

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * CLAIMING HIS SECRET HEIR by Joanne RockClaiming His Secret Heir by Joanne Rock
Series: The McNeill Magnates
Published by Harlequin Desire on January 1, 2018
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Can he win back his wife?

When Caroline McNeill shows up outside her husband’s mansion, she claims to have no memory of the past year…or their passion-filled honeymoon. But faking amnesia is the only way Caroline can find out if Damon was behind her abduction. She needs to trust him—a man she craves but still barely knows—before she can tell him about their infant son. Did the Silicon Valley mogul merely marry to claim an inheritance then dispose of her? Or is what they share real and forever?


A bittersweet reunion leads to the uncovering of secrets and lies as Joanne Rock brings the next of the McNeill Magnates to life! The plot is exciting as we wait to see who is behind the dastardly deeds and if their love can survive the deception. We didn’t see as much of the family in this book as we have been in previous ones in the series, but the legwork was there with occasional mentions of the back story. Quite an enjoyable read!

Unsure who to trust after she suffered an abduction, Caroline Degraff McNeill makes her way home to her husband Damon. She decides to play a ruse and pretend to still be suffering a deeper amnesia than she actually is to see if she can decipher whether he was in on her kidnapping or not. She has to know whether she can trust him with the news she has to share with him … that she delivered him a son a few weeks ago!

Damon McNeill has been living a nightmare since his wife disappeared just after their honeymoon. He’s finally come home to the family after searching the world over, and suddenly there she is … on the sidewalk in front of their house! Where has she been? Was this all some type of game to her or was she truly taken against her will? He’ll stop at nothing to get to the bottom of what happened to his wife!



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