* Review * COLTON’S TWIN SECRETS by Justine Davis

* Review * COLTON’S TWIN SECRETS by Justine DavisColton's Twin Secrets by Justine Davis
Series: The Coltons of Red Ridge
Published by Harlequin Romantic Suspense on September 1, 2018
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A K-9 cop and Colton nanny come under fire

A Coltons of Red Ridge romance

Officer Dante Mancuso pursues justice with only the company of his K-9 partner. But when tragedy strikes, the bewildered bachelor winds up with custody of his infant nieces. Desperate for help, Dante hires heiress Gemma Colton to help him care for the little girls. As they grow closer caring for the babies, shadows from their respective pasts threaten their growing bond.


A life they never expected! With another trip to Red Ridge, we get the story of a cop out to track down the troublemaking Teflon Twins who gets sidetracked with a personal crisis and gets aid from none other than Gemma Colton. A little less intrigue in this one than we might have become used to in a Red Ridge story, but the adorable life with twin babies makes up for it with the heartstring pulling it brings. A really sweet one!

K-9 officer Dante Mancuso is used to life with just his partner Flash by his side, but when an accident happens, he finds himself suddenly the guardian of his infant twin nieces. He’s a single guy with no immediate plans for settling down, so what does he know about babies? Absolutely nothing … and panic is ensuing!

Heiress Gemma Colton is tired of being thought of as an air-head with nothing to offer, and she’s determined to somehow find a way to prove that she can be a wife and mom like the best of them when she decides she wants to be. Dante’s emergency gives her the perfect opportunity to step in and offer her services as the live-in nanny he desperately needs. Before long, she finds herself liking the baby girls and their sexy uncle a little bit too much!


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