I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * CONVENIENTLY ENGAGED TO THE BOSS by Ellie DarkinsConveniently Engaged to the Boss by Ellie Darkins
Published by Harlequin Romance on September 1, 2017
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From assistant to fiancée!

Joss Dawson knows the one thing that will make his dying father happy is to see his son find love…the problem is, he's sworn off love forever!

But the answer's simple! Asking his father's fiercely intelligent, beautiful assistant Eva to play the perfect role—his fiancée. Only for Eva it's not that easy…

Pretending to be Joss's fiancée threatens to ruin the life she's worked so hard for! And how will she keep her head when she's losing her heart to her frustratingly attractive new boss?


Temptation … to love? Secret crushes rise to the surface when Joss and Eva are all of a sudden working in close quarters! This is a quick and easy read and even though it has some underlying sadness to the plot, it’s a well crafted book. It was a little unusual for this Harlequin line because the sex scenes are quickly glossed over and sort of shoved under the covers, but none-the-less, it was a thoroughly enjoyable book. I will look forward to reading future books by this author!

When suddenly thrust into his father’s job as the head of the family business, Joss Dawson finds himself blessed with the ever efficient and competent Eva by his side. She’s been his father’s assistant for years, so he’ll need her experience in helping the transition go through smoothly, but the temptation of being around her is going to be even more difficult than it’s already been!

Eva too has had a secret crush on Joss ever since she started working there, but she’s never had to interact with him that much so it’s been easy to hide. Now working side by side, it’s going to be a bigger deal … especially since he just told his dying father that they are engaged!


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