* Review * COWBOY ON CALL by Leigh Riker

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * COWBOY ON CALL by Leigh RikerCowboy on Call by Leigh Riker
Series: Kansas Cowboys
Published by Harlequin Heartwarming on November 1, 2017
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He needs to stop running from his mistakes.

Cowboy or doctor? Sawyer McCord has been wrestling with that question since he came home to the Circle H after fleeing his remote clinic in the Himalayas. A tragedy there has him doubting his medical skills, but his reception on the ranch has been chilly at best. Sawyer can't blame his familyโ€”or Olivia Wilson, his brother's exโ€”for their anger. So why does Olivia's opinion of him suddenly matter so much? Sawyer has unfinished business here and at his clinic. If he's ever going to redeem himself, he needs to start by making amends to the one woman who might never forgive him.


Can you ever come home again? With the third book in her Kansas Cowboys series Leigh Riker brings us Sawyer’s story. He’s suddenly back at the Circle H after years away and struggling to see if he fits in there anymore. The overall tone of the story is forgiveness … it’s hard to do, and easy to refuse but powerful motivators can guide even the most hard-headed person into giving it a try. Olivia is the perfect example … she wasn’t easy to like. She came off as being a fairly cold and rigid person when she thought someone had done her wrong, but love and experience shows her the path to easing her heart. A sweet story!

Sawyer McCord rode off into the sunset of his family ranch in Kansas many years ago and appeared to hardly ever look back. He distanced himself from friends and family alike to take medical care into destitute parts of the Himalayas. Now fleeing from the heartache of tragedy that struck his home away from home, he’s back on the Circle H trying to see if he still fits in. Is he still that doctor that he wanted so much to be, or should he just settle in and enjoy being a cowboy again?

Olivia Wilson is far from happy to see Sawyer arrive back at the ranch. She’s still holding a grudge for his part in a tragedy that occurred there all those years ago. As she spends time around him and sees the pain in his eyes, she reaches out to find out what happened that has him so tortured. Will she be able to help him find peace with the past and look forward to a future?


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