* Review * DEADLY SECRET by Tara Thomas

* Review * DEADLY SECRET by Tara ThomasDeadly Secret by Tara Thomas
Series: Sons of Broad
Published by St. Martin's Paperbacks on March 27, 2018
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As a lawyer and aspiring Congresswoman, Bea likes to keep things professional. But she’s hired to investigate past dark secrets embedded in the Benedict business empire—and as secret wife to Knox Benedict, the job is about to become even more personal…

Knox is the moral backbone of the Benedict family, but even a modern-day saint can have a mysterious side. He’s out to win back his estranged secret wife—but getting close to her again could destroy them both…

As Bea and Knox dig up the truth, Bea falls deeper and deeper into danger. Someone close by is watching her—and waiting to kill. Can Knox save the woman he loves from the enemy out to destroy them? And can their marriage survive the deadliest secret of all?


Suspensefully wicked! With the next book in her Sons of Broad series, Tara Thomas continues to weave a web of danger and secrets as she brings us Knox and Bea’s story. With each book we grow closer to learning who the evil Gentleman is, but he still has cards yet to play and isn’t going to reveal himself just yet. You’ll already be familiar with most of the key players in the storyline if you’ve been following along with the series, but with each book we learn more info about the family history and secrets. I found myself second guessing one of the siblings in this book, so I’m anxious to move forward and find out who the bad guy really is! Very entertaining!

Knox Benedict might have gotten married in a hurry and on the sly, but he loves his wife and will do anything to win her back. When they figure out that the danger that still lurks around her is all because of the investigation she was doing into his family’s business from years ago, he steps in and tries to keep her safe. He asked her to delve into their personal affairs, so why is someone now after her for doing as he asked?

Attorney Bea Jacobs doesn’t want to be apart from Knox, but danger is surrounding him as long as she’s anywhere near, so she has her heart set on staying away and keeping him safe. As more questions are answered, suspicion continues to fly about who has it out for this family.


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