* REVIEW *  DEEP COVER DETECTIVE by Lena DiazDeep Cover Detective by Lena Diaz
Series: Marshland Justice
Published by Harlequin Intrigue on August 1, 2016
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A detective needed a mysterious woman's help—even if she had secrets to spare…

In the heart of everglade country, Detective Colton Graham lays his plans to catch a robbery kingpin. What he fails to plan for is Silver Westbrook. Proprietress of a local B and B, Silver is as sharp-witted as she is easy on the eyes. But Colton senses Silver is hiding something. Suspicious that she might be harboring the very criminals he's tracking, Colton keeps a watchful eye on her. It doesn't take long to learn her true motives and her involvement in the case. But unfortunately for both of them, attraction can be the deadliest distraction.

We’re knee deep into the middle of an undercover investigation as soon as we start this book. The pace continues to move and excitement leads us further into the secrets and mysteries surrounding this town!

Undercover detective Colton Graham goes deep into the heart of the Florida everglades trying to get a break in a case.  He’s looking for answers, but what he gets is more questions instead.

Bed and breakfast owner Silver Westbrook might act all sweet and innocent, but Colton can tell she’s hiding things from the beginning.  Will getting closer to her and trying to gain her trust get him any closer to the truth, or will it only make it harder to stomach when he has to take her down along with the rest of the criminals?


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