* Review * DEFENDING CHRISTMAS by Carol Ross

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * DEFENDING CHRISTMAS by Carol RossDefending Christmas: A Christmas Wedding Story by Carol Ross
Series: 12 Days of Heartwarming Christmas
on October 9, 2018
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Christmas Town’s city attorney Lincoln Vasser suspects the multi-million-dollar lawsuit threatening the town is a fraud, but he needs help proving it. Private Investigator Jax Marshall comes highly recommended, but when Lincoln hires her he can’t quite figure out why. Her laid-back attitude, questionable work ethic, and apparent unconcern for the urgency of the case rub him the wrong way. It doesn't make sense for him to be attracted to her.

Jax Marshall knows that taking a case for the arrogant Lincoln Vasser is a mistake. But when he makes her an offer much more tempting than money, she agrees. She soon wishes she hadn’t. The guy is demanding and uptight, and, worst of all, he keeps trying to tell her how to do her job! He's almost completely unlikable. Almost.

One thing they can agree on is that happy ever afters are strictly for fairytales and Christmas Town myths. Finding a way to work together is difficult enough, admitting that they’re falling in love is going to take an extra little nudge from that very Christmas Town magic they don’t believe in.


Delightfully filled with fireworks, romance and sweet nothings! The couple least likely to … but yet somehow they do! He’s uptight and demanding, she’s laid back and works at her own pace, but as they slowly come together to work on this case together, each one starts to have a greater appreciation for the other. Jax & Lincoln were quick to draw me in, and I continued to enjoy their connection throughout. This particular book in the anthology had less to do with the carousel and more to do with the town as a whole, but the entire series is turning into a really fun compilation of small town happily ever afters!

City attorney Lincoln Vasser is trying to keep the potential multi-million dollar lawsuit that could ruin Christmas Town, Maine under wraps while he figures out how to blow it to pieces, but the disregard and obstinance of the PI he’s been recommended to hire is really getting under his skin. Does she actually work for a living or what??

Private Investigator Jacqueline Marshall can’t believe the gall of this big wig attorney thinking he can dictate her schedule and snap his fingers to get her to come running. She runs a very successful business, and all of her clients are equally important. He can just put on his big boy pants and wait his turn!


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