* Review * DEVOTED TO PLEASURE by Shayla Black

* Review * DEVOTED TO PLEASURE by Shayla BlackDevoted to Pleasure by Shayla Black
Series: A Devoted Lovers Novel
Published by Berkley on July 3, 2018
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Bodyguard and former military man Cutter Bryant has always done his duty--no matter the cost. Now he's taking one last high-octane assignment before settling down in a new role that means sacrificing his chance at love. But he never expects to share an irresistible chemistry with his beautiful new client.


As the star of a steamy television drama, Shealyn West knows fame well, but it has come at the expense of her heart. With a blackmailer watching her every move and the threat of career-ending exposure looming, Shealyn hires Cutter to shore up her security and keep her safe, never imagining their attraction will be too powerful to contain.

As Shealyn and Cutter navigate the scintillating line between business and pleasure, they unravel a web of secrets that threaten their relationship and their lives. When danger strikes, Cutter must decide whether to follow his heart for the first time, or risk losing Shealyn forever.


Secrets always have a way of coming out! An interesting story of finding love when you least expect it in the midst of a scandal about to happen! The main characters are both fairly complex with their own backgrounds telling their own story while their futures are both in turmoil playing out with them pretending things they don’t want to be doing anymore. I enjoyed it!

Actress Shealyn West has experienced great success in her career, but her fame has also had consequences. No privacy, having to pretend to date a costar for the good of her image and show, and the latest downfall is a blackmailing scheme come to light about a past mistake she’d do anything to take back. She decides to hire a bodyguard to shore up her security before this all plays out.

Former military man turned bodyguard Cutter Bryant is planning on making the ultimate sacrifice of his own happiness for a friend after he settles this upcoming job. When he steps into the middle of Shealyn’s life, he quickly realizes that there’s more to her story than she’s told him. He sets out to find out the details of what’s going on and figure out a way to take down the enemy. In the midst of doing so, he and Shea are drawn to each other and start a relationship … but when she finds out he’s promised elsewhere, it all starts to fall apart!


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