* Review * DI MARCELLO’S SECRET SON by Rachael Thomas

* Review * DI MARCELLO’S SECRET SON by Rachael ThomasDi Marcello's Secret Son by Rachael Thomas
Series: The Secret Billionaires
Published by Harlequin Presents on May 1, 2017
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The challenge: to leave your billionaire lifestyle behind for two weeks…

Italian tycoon Antonio Di Marcello relishes a challenge—but running into Sadie Parker while undercover as a mechanic rocks him to the core. Four years after their fevered fling stripped away his iron guard, he's confronted with the shocking consequences…

Sadie gave up hope on her desperate attempts to contact Antonio. Now she has to face the day she's both dreaded and longed for! Yet Antonio's claim over her and her son is hard to resist—especially because he'll use a sensual onslaught to get what he wants!

When a friendly bet among friends leads to more than he ever bargained for, Antonio Di Marcello must figure out the best way to handle the changes about to happen in his life! Really enjoyed the kick-off to the new “The Secret Billionaires” trilogy. Rachael Thomas wove a story of not only a surprise child, but also a second-chance at love reunion … great characters, a fulfilling plot, and a nice set up for the following stories in the series.

Antonio Di Marcello has to live for two weeks without accessing any of his fortune or name to successfully hold up his end of the bet he made with his friends. He never expects to encounter a woman from his past at the temporary job he is sent to.

Sadie Parker spent one unforgettable weekend with Antonio four years ago … and will never forgive him for turning his back on her when she tried to contact him afterwards! She thinks the new guy at the garage seems familiar, but never in a million years did she think Toni was her son’s father in disguise!

Antonio will stop at nothing to get his son in his life … even if he has to remind her of the sensual pleasure he can give her in order to get her to agree to a future together!


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