REVIEW: Expert Witness – Rachel Dylan

Expert Witness


This book had an excellent plot, but I was a bit turned off by how much talk of God there was in it.  I’m perfectly happy reading a book about someone who is strong in their faith, and have enjoyed books from the LoveInspired line in the past many times, but this one, to me anyway, went way above and beyond that.  It just felt preachy to me, going so far as to have actual prayers in the dialogue.

Anyway, even though the premise of the plot was overshadowed, it still was an interesting story.  Sydney Berry is a sketch artist testifying in a murder trial, when she has an attempt made on her life outside the courthouse.  US Marshall Max Preston steps up and takes her into his custody to keep her safe.  They figure out that a gang that is under the murder suspects thumb is trying to take her out, and in the midst of the investigation, find out that an abusive ex-boyfriend is working with that gang.  The plot thickens when they find out there is inside dirty work going on in both the Marshal’s office and the FBI.

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