REVIEW — Eye Candy – Katherine Garbera

Eye Candy


Great read!

When Garrett Mulligan, on leave NYPD officer, finds his tipsy neighbor, Hayley, trying to break into her own apartment one night, it makes for a fun time!

Hayley, who runs her own candy store, is turning 30 and vowing to turn over a new leaf and stop playing it safe.  She has a little makeover with new hair and clothes and decides to flirt with Officer Hottie, as she calls him.  Garrett, on leave recuperating after being shot during a shootout with a druggie who killed his partner, decides to flirt back.  Their chemistry together is instant and HOT!

They decide to date, but each of their own hang ups attempts to derail the relationship before it even gets started.  Can Hayley overcome her past baggage to allow herself to love freely again without the constant fear of loss?  And can Garrett get past his guilt of being the one to survive and let himself be happy instead of being blinded by his need for revenge?

** Received free from Net Galley to review **

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