* Review * FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT by Anne Harper

* Review * FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT by Anne HarperFake It Till You Make It by Anne Harper
Series: Accidentally Viral #1
Published by Entangled: Amara on April 20, 2020
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Sloane De Carlo is going to have to move to Antarctica.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that she accidentally made her private blog very public, and all her innermost secrets and embarrassing moments are trending, now the entirety of the Internet is dying to know who her all-consuming, never-get-over-him crush “Guy” really is. She’s even got a literary agent dangling a book deal in front of her nose—but there’s a catch. She’ll have to get closure with “Guy” and give her story that pitch-perfect ending.

Too bad the real “Guy” is engaged to someone else. #Blessed

The only person in her teeny hometown of Arbor Bay who knows the truth is local bartender Brady Knox. And he’s not telling...for a price. He’ll pretend to be Sloane’s “Guy” if she’ll use her newfound Internet fame to bring more business to his struggling local bar. Brady’s always been a lone wolf, but there’s something about the pint-sized, supremely awkward, yet beautiful Sloane that charms him.

But keeping secrets in a small town like Arbor Bay isn’t easy. And Brady was never meant to be the guy for a pitch-perfect ending...


A fake relationship starts feeling all too real in Anne Harper’s debut rom-com! FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT starts out on a fun premise of a woman who accidentally releases all of her teenage and more secrets while drunk one night. The characters have a cute connection, but an over abundance of slang was this author’s attempt at making funny moments and it just didn’t cut it a good bit of the time. I enjoyed the characters though, and their story was satisfying.

Sloane DeCarlo nabs a reader’s attention quickly when we learn she had a diary-like blog that she for some crazy reason decided to release into the public … and now has to endure the embarrassment of people sort of knowing her secrets and what she might have said about them.

Brady Knox is awesome. He’s sweet and down to earth and just what a reader wants in a hero.


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