* Review * FIERCE JUSTICE by Piper J. Drake

* Review * FIERCE JUSTICE by Piper J. DrakeFierce Justice by Piper J. Drake
Series: True Heroes #5
Published by Forever on February 26, 2019
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Real heroes aren't born, they're made
K9 handler Arin Siri doesn't like taking orders, and she works best when it's just her and her dog King out in the field. But when she discovers a wounded soldier of fortune during a Search and Protect mission, she has no choice but to get him to safety. The last time she and the roguish, sexy Jason Landon tangled, they were on opposite sides of the conflict, but this time, he's claiming to need her help.

When Jason wakes up in a hospital on Hawaii's Big Island, he's shocked to discover Arin guarding him. She's the last person he expected to see, but she's also the only person who can help him bring down a kidnapping ring. As they draw closer to danger-and to each other-they must race against the clock to discover who the kidnappers are working for, or risk becoming collateral damage themselves.


Danger surrounds them as the latest in Piper J. Drake’s True Heroes series kicks off! A known consort of the bad guys is found injured, so does she trust him or not? Arin and her dog King have to make this decision and deal with the consequences. I found it hard to connect to this story. I didn’t mind the characters, it just felt like the action was a bit flat for my liking. I’ve enjoyed several of the books in the series, but this was sadly one of my least favorites.

Search and Protect team member Arin Siri works best when it’s just her and her K9 partner King. She’s all about getting things done as a team, but she doesn’t like taking any more orders than she has to, and her way works … amazingly well. When she stumbles across a wounded mercenary, she sets out to get him help … even though she’s not totally sure he’s trust worthy.

Jason Landon found himself in a mixed up situation when he discovered he was protecting the land of someone up to no good. He’s now facing hesitation on getting the good guys to trust him even though he wants to help put an end to this trafficking situation. When Arin decides to take a chance on trusting him, they find themselves fighting attraction as danger surrounds them.


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