REVIEW – Fighting the Fall – Jennifer Snow

Fighting the Fall


After enjoying Walker Adams in the first book of this Beyond the Cage series, it was like meeting up with an old friend to see him show up in several scenes in this book.  This time, it’s Tyson, his hard-nosed trainer’s turn to be front and center.  He’s training for a big fight to defend his championship belt, but keeps getting distracted.

First, actress Parker Hamilton shows up asking him to train her for a movie roll she’s auditioning for.  On her way to being washed up in Hollywood, she is determined to get the lead as an MMA fighter in an Indie film, but needs to get some training FAST!  Tyson has no interest in helping her and sends her on her way.  He soon has to rethink that when his second distraction shows up.  His drug addict brother swears he wants to get clean, but he owes some dealers money and they are threatening his life.  Tyson has to backtrack and agree to let Parker train at his gym because he needs the money she’s offering to pay him to help his brother.

Seeing her in the gym every day is just as distracting as he thought it would be.  When the trainer he has working with her is called away for a family emergency, he has to step in and work with her himself.  He can no longer keep his hands off her, and they grow closer.

Will she win the part that has come to mean so much to her?  Will Tyson win his big fight?  Can they make a relationship work or will he continue to be a loner and push her away?

** Received free from Jennifer to review **

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