* Review * FOK by Tara Sue Me

* Review * FOK by Tara Sue MeFOK by Tara Sue Me
Series: Wall Street Royals #1
Published by After Six Publishing on April 9, 2019
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Conquer. Control. Command. They have. They are. They will. They are the Wall Street Royals, men at the top of their game who are about to be mastered by the one thing they never counted on: love.

Don’t miss this seductively sexy new series by New York Times bestselling author Tara Sue Me.

FOK: (noun) /fok/: Abbreviation for Fill-or-Kill, a term used in securities trading. To fulfill an order completely and immediately, or to not do it at all.

For Lance Braxton, it’s more than a trading term, it’s his motto. Do it. Do it now and do it completely or don’t do it at all. Some might see it as reckless or foolhardy, but Lance doesn’t care. It’s worked for him so far. Why change a good thing?

As a favor for his sick grandmother, Lance sits in on auditions for the Juilliard scholarship named after his late mother. He expects to be bored out of his mind. He expects it to be a waste of a Saturday he could spend working. What he does not expect is Celeste Walsh.

She has the body of a super model, the looks of a storybook princess, and plays the violin with the passion of a zealous lover. The moment he sees her, he has to have her. Wants to control her. Needs to master her.

Celeste Walsh is running out of options. She’s been accepted into Juilliard to play the violin, but if she can’t get a scholarship, she’ll have to turn them down. And if she turns Juilliard down, she’ll have no choice but to give up the violin and work as a waitress at her family’s restaurant in Nowhereville, Virginia.

She’s not sure accepting the scholarship is the smartest thing to do. There’s something about the way Lance looks at her that suggests he has more than arias and scherzos in mind. However, when she inadvertently witnesses an intimate moment between him and a date, she realizes being under his control holds more appeal than she thought.

Lance warns her he’s an all or nothing guy and if she steps into his bedroom, he’s not holding back. It’s not until her foot crosses the threshold that she understands just how serious he is. But even if she comes to trust him with her pleasure, does she dare trust him with her heart?


A brand new series from Tara Sue Me is sure to entice! For fans of her previous Submissives series, there’s a new crop of dominants on the loose, and they’re pretty tempting! We meet Lance and his business partners Isaac & Ty and enjoy Lance finding his match in this first book, with the other guys coming up soon. Good characters, a believable plot and lots of sexy goodness! I enjoyed their story.

Lance Braxton has no idea when he agrees to fill in for his grandmother at the auditions for the scholarship that she set up in his mother’s name that he will meet the woman of his dreams. He’s not looking for anything more than the life he enjoys leading, but Celeste draws him to her. He would give anything to have her … and he will.

Violinist Celeste Walsh would give just about anything to be able to accept the Juilliard position she has been offered, but funds aren’t going to be there unless she gets this scholarship. She’d really hate to have to return home to Virginia and be stuck working in the family diner for the rest of her life. When opportunity comes knocking, she agrees to accept it … although she’s not sure she’s going to be able to resist the sexy temptation of the benefactor’s grandson!


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