* Review * FORBIDDEN TO TASTE by JC Harroway

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * FORBIDDEN TO TASTE by JC HarrowayForbidden to Taste by JC Harroway
Series: Billionaire Bachelors #2
Published by Harlequin Dare on May 1, 2019
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From bestselling author JC Harroway comes the second book in the Billionaire Bachelors series! Drake Faulkner knows that Kenzie Porter, his best friend’s widow, is off-limits—but that just makes him want her more…

At one time she was the woman Drake Faulkner wanted more than anything but couldn’t have—and now she’s the last person he needs in his life. But when Kenzie Porter, the widow of his former best friend and army comrade Sam, turns up asking for a job at his luxury London hotel chain, the memories return.

Drake is eager to help her, but he knows that doing so will only lead him toward temptation. He doesn’t want to sully the memory of his best friend by falling for Kenzie all over again. There’s a reason he’s been avoiding her for three years: a dark secret about the day she and Sam got together—and about the day Sam died on the battlefield.

But from the moment the pair lock eyes, the sexual connection between them is electrifying. They both know that acting on their forbidden desire for each other would cross a line, but how far can they push the boundaries before someone gets hurt?


Forbidden lust at it’s best! With the second book in her Billionaire Bachelors series, JC Harroway brings a story filled with undeniable chemistry while at the same time showering us with emotion. The characters are well developed, the passion is yummy and the happily ever after is what it’s all about. Really enjoyed!

McKenzie Porter has been through a lot in her relatively young life, and she’s finally at a point where she wants to move forward and do something that excites her for a chance. It’s super awkward, but in order to move to London to be closer to her younger sister, she’s going to take one for the team and contact the guy that she isn’t so sure even likes her to ask for a job.

Drake Faulkner was her late husband’s best friend and Army brother. He promised Sam he’d be there for Kenzie if anything ever happened, and he’s tried to keep that promise in a standoffish way over the last few years. He’s blown away to see her walk into his family restaurant … but she’s still the same gorgeous woman that took his breath away the first moment he laid eyes on her. He’ll step up and make sure she gets her feet on the ground, but he can’t stand to be around her. He wants her too much and can’t bare the secrets and guilt when he looks into her eyes.


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