* Review * FOUR RELENTLESS DAYS by Elle James

* Review * FOUR RELENTLESS DAYS by Elle JamesFour Relentless Days by Elle James
Series: Mission: Six #4
Published by Harlequin Intrigue on September 1, 2018
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Caught in a web of danger

A SEAL will risk everything

Sexy SEAL “Harm” Harmon Payne isn’t looking for love…or trouble. Until he encounters the prettiest creature on the savanna, Talia Montclair. The safari resort owner has been plagued by a series of threatening incidents. This kind of trouble Harm can handle. But when Talia mysteriously disappears, Harm’s SEAL instincts kick in. His new mission: find the only woman he has ever loved.


My favorite in the series so far! Continuing their African journey, the SEAL team we’ve gotten to know in the Mission: Six series finds yet another love interest on the horizon. Harm didn’t think he believed in love until he found himself in her arms and caring about her more than he intended. The story is fast paced with a good bit of intrigue, and the characters are easy to like.

Resort owner Talia Montclair has been experiencing some strange happenings at the resort over the last few months, and though she has an idea who might be behind it, she can’t figure out what to do about it. She’s on the verge of losing the very sanctuary her late husband loved dearly if she can’t get things under control!

Navy SEAL Harmon Payne felt like he was struck by lightening when he laid eyes on the beautiful resort owner where he and the guys went for a little rest and relaxation in the form of an African safari. He’s trying to steer clear of temptation since she’s in Africa and he’s returning to the US soon before shipping off to who knows where next, but when things get too close for comfort in the danger surrounding her, he steps in to keep an eye on her. Her disappearance wasn’t exactly the next step he was hoping for!


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