* Review * FREE AGENT by Catherine Gayle

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * FREE AGENT by Catherine GayleFree Agent by Catherine Gayle
Series: Portland Storm
Published by Night Shift Publishing on February 8, 2018
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Can you fall in love when you’ve never loved yourself?

Universally misjudged, Blake Kozlow doesn’t let society get under his skin. After all, those misunderstandings have never affected his career. As a center for the Portland Storm, he’s lived his life as a Free Agent—particularly with women. But when he meets a gorgeous, curvy special education teacher, Blake realizes he’s finally met the one person who truly understands him.

Beatriz Castillo knows exactly what she wants—to teach her students that nothing can hold them back. A few years ago, her health was spiraling out of control, but Bea took her life back. Now, she uses her vivacious personality to prove to everyone, especially her students, that anything is possible.

Perpetually impulsive and spontaneous, Blake turns on the charm. But Bea’s unprepared to be on the receiving end of such brazen attention. As they grow closer and their attraction intensifies, their inner demons threaten everything. They’ve both always lived on the fringes of life. But moving forward will require Bea and Blake to step into the spotlight—together.


They’re like oil and water … but they work! It’s always fun to return to the Portland Storm series. It’s filled with a rugged group of down-to-earth hockey players and the families that love them. In this book, we get hot shot, mouthy Blake Kozlow’s story. He’s notorious for shooting off his mouth and saying things that people just can’t believe he actually said … but beneath it all, he’s truly a good guy. The characters were both easy to get drawn into, and the plot was enjoyable.

Blake Kozlow has never met a woman he didn’t love, and Bea Castillo is no exception! He turns on all of his best moves to try to win her over, but whatever he did to make her mad previously seems to be sticking around because she’s not giving an inch!

Special education teacher Beatriz Castillo really liked Koz when she was first introduced to him … until he put his foot in his mouth and said something that pushed all of her internal buttons and sent her on the run. She has issues that she’s dealing with all on her own, so the last thing she needs is some hockey player that thinks he’s God’s gift pretending to like her!


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