* Review * FRIENDSHIP ON FIRE by Joss Wood

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * FRIENDSHIP ON FIRE by Joss WoodFriendship on Fire by Joss Wood
Series: Love In Boston
Published by Harlequin Desire on July 1, 2018
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Fool her once, as her best friend.

Fool her twice…as her fake fiancé?

Top Boston interior designer Jules Brogan has no shortage of work. So why say yes to designing a yacht with Noah Lockwood—her former best friend who disappeared from her life ten years ago after one smoldering encounter? Especially since the job requires posing as Noah’s fiancée! But what are old friends for…especially if she can coax him into one more kiss?


Tempers flare as passion ignites! With the first book in the Love In Boston series, we get the groundwork for the families it’s going to center around. It was a slow start with a lot of characters being thrown our way up front, as well as a little unorthodox change of who’s perspective we are looking at now and then, but once you get the gist of the story down pat, it picks up. There’s definitely a good foundation for future drama being laid here! An enjoyable kick off, looking forward to more of the series!

Jules Brogan is at the top of her game as an interior designer, so when her former best friend wants to contract her for a job, she’s not a bit interested! He walked away from her life ten years ago without a backward glance … and now he thinks he can come waltzing back in like nothing ever happened? No way!

Noah Lockwood left Boston and never planned to return, but when his family history is in danger, he can’t just sit back and watching things fall apart. He has to convince Jules to help him … and not only does she have to agree to do the job, but she also has to agree to be his significant other while doing it!


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