* Review * GOOD GIRL by Christy McKellen

* Review * GOOD GIRL by Christy McKellenGood Girl by Christy McKellen
Series: Sexy Little Secrets #2
Published by Harlequin Dare on April 1, 2019
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I’ve always been in my famous sisters’ shadow. I’m the smart one. Not the sexy one. Not the beautiful one. But a PhD won’t satisfy me in bed. And I can’t satisfy anyone else if I don’t know what I’m doing. So I’m ready to learn the secrets of physical desire…

Italian playboy Alessandro Ricci is just the expert I’m looking for. Tall, dark and drop-dead gorgeous, Alessandro has a reputation for providing absolute pleasure. He’s agreed to spend one week showing me almost everything he knows. No emotions, though. Just sex. Extremely erotic, pantie-melting sex!

From magical Florence to the golden Tuscan countryside, he’s taking me to ever-higher peaks of ecstasy, letting me get closer than any other woman. Soon our “no emotions” deal is turning into something I never expected: intense connection in every way imaginable. I’m falling hard! But when I learn he’s tipped off the paparazzi to our every location, I have to wonder—was he just using me to save his bad reputation?


Delectably steamy! This story is fast paced, the characters have a realness to them that makes connecting to them super easy, and watching them fall for each other when they least expect it is delightful. Really enjoyed!

Juno Darlington-Hume has always been a good girl … the smart, sensible sister. She’s never let it bother her too much, but lately she’s starting to resent the lack of excitement and love her in life. After one more blow to her fragile ego from being rejected by the guy she’s crushing on at work, she decides she’s going to learn about passion and sex … from the guy rumored to exude it from his very pores!

Alessandro Ricci has grown somewhat jaded about life. When he sees Juno at a party, he’s intrigued by the flash of arousal that passes over him at just the sight of her. When she proposes that he help her learn the ins and outs of sex, he’s hesitant. He doesn’t typically mess around with innocent souls with stars in their eyes, but she assures him that she knows the temporary deal … plus being seen with her will help heal his tarnished rep and please his over-bearing father.


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