* Review * HAVING THE SOLDIER’S BABY by Tara Taylor Quinn

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * HAVING THE SOLDIER’S BABY by Tara Taylor QuinnHaving the Soldier's Baby by Tara Taylor Quinn
Series: The Parent Portal
Published by Harlequin Special Edition on June 1, 2019
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Back from the dead…

And back in her heart?

Emily and Winston Hannigan had a fairy-tale romance…until he perished for his country. So when Winston arrives on her doorstep very much alive, Emily’s overjoyed. Winston’s a changed man, though. He may have survived the unthinkable. But he believes he doesn’t deserve Emily—or their unborn child. And Winston’s secret shakes Emily to the core. But at that core is still love…


Gut-wrenching! She lost the love of her life, and just when she’s making a decision to move forward without him for the first time, he shows up at the door. The author brought a high level of empathy and emotion forward through Emily and while we sympathized with his plight, we had to dig deep to reach Win’s true self, but we eventually get there in a beautiful way. Really enjoyed their story!

Emily Hannigan was living the life that dreams are made up. Madly in love with her soldier husband and planning for the future, when one day she’s told that he’s missing in action and eventually declared dead. She felt like she was living someone else’s life for awhile, and eventually the numbness led to a life without Win. Just when she decides to continue their dreams without him, she’s overjoyed to hear that he’s still alive!

Winston Hannigan had to make a life altering choice … duty over love. He might be among the “living” again, but he’s not the same man he was before he co-existed with the enemy for years. He knows he can move on and pick up the pieces of his life again, but he also knows he doesn’t deserve the pure love that Emily has always showered upon him. All he has to do is wait out the time until she realizes she doesn’t want to be with the man he’s become …


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